Where To Report Certain Items From 2017 Forms W-2 1097 1098 and 1099. Line Instructions for Form 1040A. 4681 Generally must file Form 1040 see Pub. 4681 1040A line 8a See instructions on Form 1099-INT and Pub. If you must file Form 8938 you can t file Form 1040A. You must file Form 1040. See Form 8938 and its instructions. 05. Enter the result. You can t take the child tax credit on Form 1040A line 35. You also can t take the additional the rest of your Form 1040A. Enter the total here and on...
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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing 1040a instructions

This video will walk us through how to complete a Form 1040a the example we're going to use is on page 237 or 2 - 37 within your book and at the end of chapter 2 it's tax return problem - so it says Murray Lincoln is a head of household she just 37 years old and her address is 410 northeast 13th Street Miami Florida 3 3 1 - 7 additional information about Miss Lincoln is follows so we have her information there we're also going to use her w-2 and 1099 int form to pull this information but it's also summarized here within the textbook it says dependent is son Steven is 10 years old his date of birth is 5:11 2003 and his social security number is 4 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 - Emery is an administrative assistant so now that we kind of have the background on this person we're going to complete this form 1040 a so I've already gone ahead and completed the top section with the contact information so we have Murray Lincoln her social security number again is 4 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 0 make sure that this is correct she is unmarried or at least it doesn't mention anything about her being married so we're going to leave the spouses line blank her home address is 410 northeast 13th Street and the city is Miami Florida 3 3 1 2 7 and obviously because she is not filling this out or completing this in a foreign country will leave the foreign line blank Marie has designated to donate $3 of her fund to the presidential election campaign and that again that completes the top portion of this 1040 a so we come down into the filing status and which is where we're going to get started so Marie is a head of household so we want to mark her as a head of household that's her filing status we come down into the exemptions and ultimately she's going to claim two exemptions she's going to claim herself and she's also going to claim her son Steven we put in Steven social security number four one two three four five six seven two and the relationship is her son we want to check if the child is under age 17 qualifying for the child tax credit and it listed in the directions that he's ten years old so we're going to go ahead and check that and then we're to come over to the right side here and complete these boxes so it says box is checked on six a and B we have one we're going to put in one their number of children in six see who live with you we're also going to put in one did not live with you due to divorce or separation does not say anything about that so we'll leave that blank and also any dependents not entered above which again does not apply here so we'll leave that blank so add lines above and we have two so we want to put two in in this box right here so the total number of exemptions claimed will be two next we're going to come down into the income portion of the form and again this is where we're going to use our w-2 so when we bring the w-2 over again you can see that this is Mary Lincoln's w2 which was given to her by her employer and on the form on line seven it says wages...